Friday, July 17, 2009

Cross Country: Illinois-Nebraska

So I'm just getting around to updating everything that happened on my trip across the country.

So here are the highlights of my trip Illinois through Nebraska.


We pretty much drove straight through Illinois with nothing eventful happening.


I had a lot of mean things to say about Iowa, like how there was nothing but farm land and highways with no lights. It was very farmy.

There was a sign for a Rock Museum which I thought was pretty lame but if that's all they had to offer.

There was also a sign that proclaimed that the bridge of The Bridges of Madison Square County was located somewhere in the vicinity.

I was in shock and disbelief when we passed an Adult Super Store in the middle of a cornfield that stated it was open24/7 which I thought was both odd and creepy.

It left me thinking that the men of Iowa have nothing better to do then shoot the shit at sex stores while the women were all apparently adulterous whores.

However, before crossing the border from Iowa into Nebraska, we stopped at a McDonalds.

I had ordered the Boy Son a happy meal but he was upset that he didn't get the toy he wanted.

I was in absolute shock when the lady behind the registered asked him which toy he wanted and then went to go find it for him.

Something like that would've never happened back home because all the McDonalds employees are so disgruntled and angry that they work at McDonalds.

When we were leaving, I was in shock again as they offered us free bottle water for the dogs and even offered to give us a bowl to give it to them in.

Iowa may not have much to offer, but the people there are ridiculously nice.


More farmy land for miles and miles. I was getting pretty sick of seeing endless cornfields and cows.

We passed a slaughter house which was full of fat cows just waiting to be killed and eaten.

They looked absolutely delicious and I actually contemplated pulling over and stealing a cow so I could kill it and eat it.

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