Friday, May 22, 2009

My Left Eyeball

Some of you who don't follow me on Twitter may have missed this pic that I posted earlier, so I'm posting it here for you all to see.

It's a pic of my left eyeball.

You know how much I talk about squirting things specifically into my left eyeball when I do those weird ass craigslist responses.

So I thought some of you might be curious as to what my left eyeball actually looks like. Not that anyone has asked or anything cause that would be kinda weird.

Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to present to you... My Left Eyeball:

It looks pretty much like a normal eyeball don't it...

Yeah, so there you have it. My Left Eyeball.

Special thank you goes out to My Left Eyeball for taking its time out it's busy schedule to pose for this photo shoot.

Also to My Right Eyeball who compliments and completes My Left Eyeball.

Thank you both for 20/20 vision.

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