Thursday, October 9, 2008

And They Wonder Why Kids Are Fat...

On my way back to work, after picking up some lunch, I got stuck behind a school bus. I was rather annoyed, but became even more increasingly annoyed when I realized that the school bus was literally dropping the kids off at their front door.

I remember a time when I rode the school bus, and I could've sworn that I was dropped off with a mass of other kids at the same stop. We'd all scatter our own ways back home, and the walk was never too long, but by no means did we each individually get dropped off and picked up.

I mean this bus was basically stopping at every single block. I was disgusted when the bus stopped in front of one house then stopped yet again 5 houses down (yes, I counted) to drop off another child who could have very easily walked home from the stop before.

If all school buses are doing stupid shit like this, then it make sense why kids are so fat now (and, yes the kids that were dropped off were moderately over weight. I believe they call it "chunky").

These kids are especially at risk for being over weight, being Mexican and all. Especially, the woman.

I know this sounds sooo wrong, but you know Mexican woman just love to cook, strike one. They're usually pretty good cooks to begin and they love to eat, strike two. They also seem to be perpetually pregnant. Out comes one little tamale, in goes another. They have like 12-15 kids in a lifetime and never loose the baby weight from the first pregnancy since it was immediately followed by another pregnancy, strike three.

By the time they reach menopause and stop producing babies, they're so fat that you start to question whether they ate some of the babies instead of pushing them out of their vaginas.

I'm sure the chunkiness has something to do with all the tortilla's these kids are eating, as well as lack of exercise, though I would've assumed that all the house work these kids are putting in, not to mention raising their 6 younger siblings would be more then enough to keep their weight in check. Guess not.

All this talk about Mexicans has got me craving some Chipotle and a Corona. MMMMM HMMMM.

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