Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Questions to Angry Girlfriend: Are Woman Really Bi-Curious?

Another question to Angry Girlfriend. This question comes from Nigel.

Nigel asked:

I read your article "Are We All Bi-Curious" and I found it interesting. Do you really believe that most straight women have a tendency to experiment with bisexuality? I have always thought about this. I know a few girls who seem so straight. I have no idea if they are thinking about girls or not.

I think most people by now know my take on bisexuality, but to answer the questions, I believe that both men and woman have tendencies, and many people will argue with me about this belief, but it's my belief. Women, however, are just more likely to act out on it and experiment since there isn't as much of a social stigma for women to experiment as there is if a man were to experiment.

I know plenty of "straight" woman who, once they get a bit of alcohol running through their system, start to act out on their bi-curiousness. Some people might blame this on the alcohol, but remember that when you drink, it lowers your inhibitions. I believe that they are doing things that they felt they couldn't do sober, but use alcohol as the excuse to why they were acting out.

Some woman rather experiment with a close girlfriend, but do it with the promise of "Let's never tell anyone about this". Believe it or not, most woman you know have probably experimented at one point or another, but they'll never tell you about it. Those who do tend to kiss and tell are generally more confident about their sexuality.

I'm sure you're aware that most woman have the tendency to check out other woman, and though it may not always be sexual in nature that we do this, we are definitely able to recognize a beautiful woman or a woman with a good figure, etc. Most woman appreciate the appeal of a woman's body just as much as any man, but it doesn't mean that woman are always thinking about other woman.

Hope that answered everything you wanted to know.

Angry Girlfriend

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