Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Years - 2007 Recap

Wow, I can't believe the New Year is already here. I didn't get shit accomplished in 2007, so hopefully I'll get it together in 2008. As I look back at 2007, I realize that I was a naughty little shit. So I guess I'll recap 2007 for you:

January - Hmmm, I don't think January was really that eventful. I was still working as a phone sex operator, and was beginning to hate the job by then. Other then that, I can't remember anything. Oh, there was that stupid email that my aunt and her husband sent.

February - I was really naughty this month. The boyfriend got caught up in a lie, so I pissed in his chicken. What I really wanted to do was burn down his house and vandalize his car, but who wants to serve time for having a boyfriend that's a fuck up. Believe me, I'm not psycho - any woman who I've told the story agreed that the punishment fit the crime, no matter how nasty and unsanitary it was. This month, I also happen to make a call to INS to take care of a couple of illegals that were pissing me off, lol. Okay so that’s not the true story but it was still just as bad if not worse. I also happen to register a company name, which to this day, I still haven’t done anything with.

March - I think this was the month that I put a laxative in the boyfriends drink for being a fuck-up yet again. I also encouraged other angry girlfriends to follow my lead. I also had an all night stake out with some friends and my cousins. It led to a small chase. Very exciting. Stalking can be fun. I also happen to crash a party of some guy I know. The birthday boy was very displeased to see me there and though he couldn't have me kicked out since it was a public place, he did have security follow me around all night. That was actually pretty entertaining.

April - Ah, yes. April. This was the month that some rumors about me being involved in some lesbian acts came out. Whether it was true or not, you'll never know. This is also the month that the feud between me and the boyfriend’s sister began, though I didn't realize it just yet.

May - My birthday bash, paid for by my uncle. Had a blast and got wasted.

June - Hmmm, can't think of anything eventful that happened in June other then being enrolled in summer classes, which sucked ass. My professor was some guy from India, who's English was pretty broken. I spent most of my weekends intoxicated.

July - Still in summer classes, though it was a different class with yet another foreign professor (I think this one was from Nigeria and his English was even more broken then the first). The boyfriend pissed me off yet again, which is what lead me to getting what I know refer to as "The Angry Girlfriend Tattoo" and though I hadn't started blogging just yet, Angry Girlfriend was born.

August - I finally finished school and received my Associates in psychology.

September - I realized that my degree wasn't worth the paper was printed on, which of course just really pissed me off. I also started the Angry Girlfriend blog.

October – Wasn’t much to look forward to other then Halloween. We had a good time though.

November – This was a pretty sad month with Kenny’s death and all. Then there was Thanksgiving which was alright, I guess. Whatever.

December – I started writing blogs for my crazy ass cousin who has quite the eventful life. From dating ex cons, to being stranded at a gas station by some psycho lesbian she met on MySpace. There’s always some crazy, wild ass story she’s got to tell and I get to write them. My dog gave birth to a litter of 4. The holidays were here, and this year we actually had money to buy a Christmas tree and presents. It was a good Christmas.

I guess the year wasn’t so bad, but it wasn’t very productive either. Oh well, fuck it! Here’s to 2008!

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