Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Why I Should Never Work In Customer Service

I have come to realize that some people weren't made to work for other people. Mainly, I mean me. I started a new job around the 1st week of December working for my mother-in-laws cleaning service and I can't really complain about her (the pay and the hours are pretty sweet), but "the boyfriend" on the other hand, is a whole different story.

The boyfriend doesn't even work with his mom and yet everyday I gotta hear his whinny ass mouth about things that I could do better to help out his moms business. And everyday, I tell him to shut the fuck up and let me do whatever the hell it is I do.

He tried to act like he's the boss, when in reality he had no say whatsoever about what the hell I'm doing. I didn't think that by working with his mom, that suddenly I'd be working with him too. (This is why office romances are a bad idea). But he really takes this shit to a whole nother level.

I just wanna smack him, stitch his mouth up, duck tape his hands and feet's and lock him in a little dungeon til he gets that point that he's not my fucking boss. I work for you mom, asshole! Not you! Shit! Give me some space.

He's been trying to make me do some spread sheets for God-knows-what reason and the shit don't even make any fucking sense. Why the hell do I have to fill out all the clients information on a spread sheet for? Isn't that what the whole contacts list is for? It just seems to pointless to sit there and make some damn spread sheet that his mother isn't gonna use in the first place just to repeat information that is already listed in her contacts sections on Outlook anyways.

And another thing I hate about work is the bitchy ass clients, like the bitch who cursed me out last week. I believe her exact words were something like, "Fuck you. Fuck the cleaners, Fuck the service. You people are a bunch of idiots". To which I responded as nice as I could be, "Ma'am, I'm sorry you feel that way. The next time you have a problem with us, please feel free to send us an email to go_fuk_yourself@hotmail.com. Have a nice day". (You know she wasn't gonna get away with that shit. I figured hell, she already sent me to fuckland so she's gotta be done with us. Ain't nothing to lose at this point, hehe).

I'm tired of getting bitched out by old ass ladies with nothing better to do then wait around for the cleaners and then complain that they didn't do something right. I don't care if the sofa was put back 2 inches off, or if there one fucking finger print was on your glass door which you probably did anyways, or that you don't want the cleaners putting your trash in the trash can in the garage because its an extra trash can that you don't use, or that the cup you left on your night stand last night is still on the night stand today (that was just lazy on this ladies part anyways), blah, blah, blah. I don't give a flying fuck.

Maybe I'm just not a people person. Whatever. The point is I need to be my own boss so I can tell people to go fuck themselves and not have to make bullshit spread sheets that someone who doesn't even work for the company thinks that I should make because he's an anal asshole, lol. Fuck the customers always right. That's bullshit. A lot of them are sooo dead wrong. Fucking assholes.

I'm done rating... for now....

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