Monday, February 27, 2012

Trying To Be Not So Angry

There are maybe 3 people that I hate in this whole world. Like hate, hate and wish death upon hate.

Wait, that sounds bad.  Three people to wish death upon is kind of a high number? Blame it on me being a narcissist. The only other person I give a shit about other then myself and my son is Titusville.  I've known that fucker a long time.  Fuck, does he get under my skin.  I don't know half the time if I want to have crazy, wild sex with him or kill him. Maybe a mixture of both.  We do play hard.

As for the people I want dead.  I hate you.  You know it, I know it.  No need to be coy about it.  The only reason I don't wish you dead is because it would vastly effect The Boy.  Well, just that particular one.  Guess that gives that one away.  The other two, I could give a shit about.

Well technically the second is also related to my The Boy.  I just don't think he'd notice or care because you're fat and ugly and kind of a bitch.  Did I say kinda?  I take it back.  You are a bitch.  I don't know how your husband doesn't cheat on you.  He must be a better man then most, or really good at hiding his shit.  Maybe that's why he's always drunk.

As for the third, not even worth mentioning so there goes that.

There's an honorable forth mention.  I don't wish you death.  I just don't like you cause you lie.  A lot. Like all the fucking time. Seriously? What's the point of lying so much?  Especially cause you can't keep your stories straight and you get caught every fucking time?  You should work on that. Either stop lying or learn to lie and not get caught.  Just saying.

The more I think about it, there's a lot people I don't like.  Maybe I should relocate somewhere where I could become the President and dictate who gets to move into the country and who's ugly, fat, or a waste of space.  I will call Angry Girlfriendapolis.

I might need a better name then that.

Stupid, fat, ugly people who use to work at whorehouses are not permitted.  I still think it's hilarious that you call me a whore but you ACTUALLY sold your vagina for money.  By definition and technicality doesn't that make YOU a whore?  Just saying.

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