Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Making Amends

There is a certain person out there, who I wont name specifically, who I feel I need to make amends with.

Can't say that I actually know this person, (you can thank your "friend" for that, since he's made it very clear that we can never meet because you're too shy and he feels some warped sense of responsibility towards you and the need to protect you. From who? I don't know. I'm actually quite a nice person).

Quite frankly, it's this stupid need to "protect" you that has made me as hostile towards you without having ever met you. Not fair to you, but let's just say I'm a very territorial person.

I like to literally mark my territory. Like I dog, I pee on things that belong to me. I've somewhat turned feral... I'm getting sidetracked.

Point is, I'm not crazy, I'm not a psycho bitch regardless of what you've heard or read for that matter, I'm not a lush (I swear, that fucker set me up), I've never been arrested nor have I ever required court order anger management, as of yet. See? I'm normal.

Not to brag, but I'm actually pretty fucking awesome. Although, most people probably wouldn't agree cause they still can't seem to see past the whole peeing into my ex's chicken ordeal. At some point and time, you have to let that go people! There has got to be a statue of limitations for certain random acts of crazy I tend to display... on rare occasion.

Again, I'm getting sidetracked... BIRD!!! Just kidding.

So yeah, person I kinda know but not really cause we've never actually met. I am offering you a peace offering to end the imaginary war that I seem to have created in my very own mind.

I do shit like that on occasions. It's what non-crazy people with an over active imagination do.

If you ever want to reach out to me so you can see for yourself how not crazy I am, you know how. Not that I expect you to, but the offer is there.

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