Saturday, August 29, 2009

Big Changes

I'm actually in the air flying to Las Vegas this very moment. Maybe I'm a little slow cause I didn't know they had Wi-Fi on planes.

I didn't realize how hard leaving was going to be until the Boy Son started crying that he didn't want leave Frijolero behind. It broke my heart when he kept screaming that he wanted to go home.

We had both sat down with him weeks ago and explained to him that me and him were going to be moving to Las Vegas and that Frijolero would be saying behind and he seemed fine with the whole thing, he was even somewhat excited... until today.

I guess the reality of it all hit the little guy and well, lets just say, I'm not exactly his favorite person at the moment.

I know that in time he'll adjust to the changes, but it still sucks.

Hopefully, he wont stay mad at me for too long, and as long as Frijolero keeps an active role in the Boy Sons life, I think he'll be ok.

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