Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oscar Lobster, Get Well Soon

My loyal, faithful bitch of 11 years, Oscar is really sick. I discovered last night that she had a petty nasty infection, which really freaked me out.

Since we've only been out here 6 weeks, I haven't found her a new vet and because shes all up to date with her vaccinations, I really didn't feel like that was something that I would have to worry about anytime soon.

After discovering the infection, that all soon changed.

First thing this morning, I starting calling around different vet offices, but they always want to charge too much money and they don't offer any billing options. So here I am 1 week into my new jobs with no money coming in anytime soon and a dog that is really sick.

I did the only thing I could think of.... and called my mom.

My step-dad isn't a vet, but hes the next best thing... a doctor. So I rushed over my sick dog to their house this morning, and my step-dad has been trying to get the infection under control, so that Oscar wont die. Yeah, apparently it's that serious.

I'm hoping that my dog will be ok now that shes on medication and being closely monitored. We're not quite out of the woods just yet, so hopefully I'll have some good news in the upcoming days.

On a completely irrelevant subject, who the hell decided that a dog Snuggie was be a good idea, and what kinda dumb asses are planning on buying this completely useless product?

Anyways, here's to Oscar hoping that she makes a full on recovery and soon, because I love my little bitch.

Normal Oscar

Sick Oscar



Anonymous said...

Aww. How adorable Italian greyhound?

Angry Girlfriend said...

Jack Russell Terrier.

Shes lost so much weight being sick, I could see how you could mistake her for an Italian Greyhound.

Dorothy Rimson said...

So sad. Get well soon Oscar.