Friday, June 19, 2009

New Employee

So apparently, sometime this week, we got a new employee.

He don't do shit, but lay around the desk all day, eat, shit, and sleep.

Meet O.C., short for Office Cat:

Not to be confused with O.C., short for Orange Cat:

I'm not really sure where this new cat came from, but he kinda smells bad and I get the feeling that he may possible be infested with ticks or other disgusting parasites like "Dakaren" (I totally made that up and I'll explain it to you one of these days).

All I know about O.C. (Office Cat), is that up until he moved into the office, he was homeless. He eats like a greedy little whore bastard and I'm almost positive that his mom has no idea who her baby daddy is and is more then likely pregnant with her 7th litter of bastard baby cats.

Then again, it's also likely that she could be be roadkill at this point. Who knows?

The other O.C. (Orange Cat), may or may not be infected as well and we know for a fact that his mom was a whore, but he's never been homeless and he occasionally sees a vet.

So there you have it. Office Cat.

He smells terrible, doesn't do shit but sleep, he's infested with parasites and his mom is a whore who may or may not be decaying in the middle of a highway somewhere. How exactly is this suppose to bring up office morale?

Ummm, yeah... Ok...

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