Thursday, June 11, 2009

All Alone

Recently, my mom broke me with the news that she was moving.

At first, I was like, "Yeah. OK. Sure. Whatever".... That is, until she told me where she was moving to.

Apparently, she's decided to move across the country to join my sister out in Las Vegas.

My mother is abandoning me and I'm going to be an orphan.

Yes, I do realize that I'm 28-years-old and that by now I should be able to fend for myself, not to mention that I'm a little too old to be classified an orphan and I do have a family of my own now, but that's not the point!

It was hard enough when my sister left me, plus it was really irritating when I realized that my mom was slowly weaning me off her financial support.

She kinda was paying my cell phone bill up until 2 years ago, plus I had access to her ATM card for 2 of her account, just in case (now I only have access to 1), and up until 2 weeks ago she was paying my car insurance.

Not only is she cutting me off, but now she's leaving me and I'll be here all alone... with a husband, a 3-year-old, 2 dogs, a cat, a turtle and a chinchilla. ALONE.

Let's face it, Frijolero is just plain evil and the odds are we'll only get divorced anyways, so I should just pack my shit and relocate to Vegas and live with my mom so that she'll never leave me again.

Unfortunately, we're kinda not speaking since I kinda had a mini temper tantrum when she told me she was leaving in July (Come on, now. She could've at least better prep me).

So I've kinda temporarily disowned her for so selfishly not considering my feelings about being abandoned and being left an orphan.

Who the hell is gonna take care of me now? I'm all ALONE!!!

Fuck, this is sooo depressing... I need a drink... :(


devon said...

i need my mommy too yes i moved away but i need one quite gets it

Average Joe said...

I never knew, till this moment- of how spoiled you are!