Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year

So I've done some research and I've figured out that the purpose of Leap Year is to keep the calendar year in sync with the season year. I read something like, if we didn't have a leap year that in 10,000 years, winter would be in July (like I give a shit, I'd be dead by then anyways).

Anyways, whatever the purpose of Leap Year, I know that this year it happened to fall on a Friday, which means a LEAP YEAR PARTY!

I feel bad for all those little bastards whose birthday's are on February 29th. If my kids birthday only came around once every 4 years, then you best believe we're only gonna celebrate it once every 4 years. I know that sounds fucked up, but children's birthday parties ain't exactly cheap either, you know?

But anyways, back to the idea of my party. Leap Year does only come once every 4 years, so why the hell not shouldn't I have a Leap year party?

It's gonna be great! I'll invite my regular crew of drunky friends, we'll buy some of those stupid little party hats, oh and I have to get a Leap Year cake. Maybe I'll get some strippers to come by... Better yet, we should just go to the strip club and celebrate there.

You don't have to look hard to find a good reason to party...


Anonymous said...

Better yet you guys/girls just strip with each other. From your myspace update of pics your not that far off.

Tony Medina said...

You have the most random blogs but I like them... my friend told me to read them ....I believe you call her Sanchez. Speaking of her I dont know what the hell you and your friends did to her but she's trippin about you guys dissin her when you go out with the rest of the girls...I could name names but I aint tryin to get involved... you might wanna give her a ring cuz she trippin and I can sorta see where she comin from but she doin the wrong things to be getting over bring dissed by who she tought were her friends...sniff sniff ..if you know what I mean... but yo about yo blogs.. you gotta keep writin yo shit cuz they be madd funny... you gotta write something bout st. pattys day and green beer... Holla at ya boy!

Angry Girlfriend said...

I should really pay more attention to my comments.

Hello there concerned friend of Sanchez... I know this is coming pretty late, but I don't know if she ever cleared this up for you or not, so just thought I would:

First off, I wasn't dissin anyone. That's just not my style.

What did happen however, was as follows:

I went out with some people from my pole dancing class after class was over. We happened to go to 2 different bars that night. The 2nd bar apparently was close to where she lived.

Apparently, she was upset because she thought that she was purposely not invited, which wasn't the case at all.

It just so happens that I had no clue where the 2nd bar was since I was pretty nice and twisted after leaving the 1st bar. Not to mention that it wasn't exactly a planned outing.

I don't normally feel the need to explain myself to anyone, because it's not anyone's business what the fuck I do, but I'm willing to do so this one time only because I'm not some petty bitch who fucks people over just for the hell of fucking people over.

Though I do appreciate your comment about my blog, I'd prefer that if have a question about my personal life, that you ask me directly (I have my email address posted all over my blog) and not leave comments about it here on my blog especially when you only heard one side to the story.

Thanks for reading my blog,

Angry Girlfriend

Marwa said...

Yo, chica... don't even sweat that shit b/c of people want to bring it up we can put ALLLLLL that shit out on the table. It's no one's business what me, u n the crew do. I didn't realize we were someone's property to be answering to bitches like that, I mean for reall?? It's whateva yo, coz 4 REAL we gonna be out THIS weekend too, and NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK! I luv u.


Angry Girlfriend said...

P.S. To Concerned Friend of Sanchez,

For someone who isn't trying to get involved, you sure had a lot to say.

Thanx for feeding fuel to the fire,

Angry Girlfriend

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