Friday, March 21, 2014

The Rise of Angry Ex Wife

Though I've been divorced for quite some time now, some thing just never change.  Like Billiard being a complete idiot, incompetent dumbass, and as always, irresponsibly selfish and late on his child support.

I'm convinced that he's a complete waste of space at this point.

This is what it all boils down to:

Fact: Child Support is due between the 1st-5th of every month. That's court ordered.

Fact:  He consistently extends his own deadline because he doesn't feel that it's necessarily late.

Fact: On that rare occasion that he does pay ON TIME, he's always short.

Fact: The month of March, he promised to have Child Support delivered by March 7.

Fact:  He was actually boarding a plane from BWI to MIA.  This is him on March 9:

Fact:  Needless to say, I couldn't get a hold of him to figure out when I would get that payment.

Fact:  A week later, when he did return from vacation, and I finally was able to reach him on the phone, he hung up on me the minute I brought up child support.  I called him back, no answer.  I text him, no answer.  Then he posted something on Facebook.  This was the result:

Now, I don't make it a habit to post shit like this publicly, but the asshole pretty much didn't leave me with much of a choice.

We haven't talked since then and no mention has been made about when, if ever, will I be receiving my child support.

He gets paid today, but this was his house last night.  I should probably mention that this is also the house we shared as a married couple.  The house that I didn't request in the divorce:

Based on that, I'm guessing I won't be getting it today either.

So this is what it all comes down to.  At the end of the day, I really could give two shits if I get the money or not.  BUT, you have very little to do with my sons life to begin with.  Unfortunately for me, I have visitation rights that I have to abide by.  Not that you ever really use them.  And unlike you, I do follow court order. 

This is were I get pissed.

Fact: You haven't seen your son since, hell, I'm not ever really sure since when.

Fact: I reduced your child support from $800 to a meager $400 just to allot you money for flight cost from BWI to Vegas so you could fly out and see my son more frequently.  

Fact:  You claimed to have no vacation time and no money to travel and yet you took off of work a FULL week to fly to Miami, which you claim, your girlfriend paid for your trip. 

As a side note to that last fact:  If that is true about your girlfriend paying for the trip, don't you feel even the least bit like a losing piece of shit that a 24-year-old can foot the bill for a week long trip for 2 to Miami and the Keys, while a 32-year-old with an established career as an engineer can't even afford to pay a meager $400 a month in child support?  I've got some rope laying around in my closet if you ever need to use it... Just saying... The offer is there...

Fact:  You're a Facebook parent.  You like to brag about the son you rarely see and consistently criticize my parenting when you're not even involved.  

Fact:  There isn't much I wouldn't give to get you to sign over your rights and never have to deal with you again. It's not about the money, I just want you gone at this point.

Guys like Billiard are what create the Angry Ex-Wife.  They do ridiculous things to piss us off, like not seeing their child and/or not helping out financially.  Then, the minute the ex-wife starts to lose her shit, they act like they're the greatest dad in the world and we're just a bunch of psychos. I stupidly gave him a lot of breaks in the divorce.  Now, I have to work backwards to amend all the stupid things I did just because I was trying to be nice.

So the moral of the story is:  When filling for divorce, always aim for the jugular.